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Shift has helped a diverse group of clients achieve their objectives. Here are a few:
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Reed Elsevier
  • Direct Energy
  • Piggy Bank America
  • Square 2 Marketing
  • Russell Byers Charter School
  • Philadelphia Community Arts Network

Here’s what our clients have to say…

“We needed a facilitated forum to make sense of this topic and you provided us with this! Thanks!”
Market Exploration Workshop participant

“It was great to have everyone in the same room focused on the task – and having a facilitator from outside the group!”
Process Improvement Workout participant

“The structured process removed contention and got results.”
Project Retrospective participant

“It was good to get all these people in one room, face-to-face, discussing this issue, how they feel about it and what to do about it.”
Team Conflict Resolution participant

“We finally addressed the hard questions!”
Collaborative Problem Solver participant

“It was useful to scope out what we have the authority to do versus what we will make recommendations on. Great facilitation to keep us on track.”
Project Kickoff participant

“Great teamwork to work through complex ideas…team building!”
Innovation Ideation participant
Shift LLC

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